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UofL School Pride Traditions

26 Jul UofL School Pride Traditions


You’ve heard it at games. You’ve heard it at Orientation. Now it’s time to live it. In 1913 the Louisville Cardinal Bird was chosen to be the school mascot, of which sometime after that the infamous CARDS cheer was created. One of the first things every new student learns when they come on campus is the CARDS Cheer. A trademark at all athletic games and campus events, the Cheer also is the universal (and loudest) way to show your UofL pride. There’s nothing like it when all of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium yells out these five letters in unison.

Many have seen it, and many may have tried it, but only true Cardinals know how to do it right. A quick primer:

  1. Start by “ahh” (or “oh”)-ing very slow and progressively get louder and louder.
  2. Then put your right arm curved over your head, with your left arm curved to create a C, and yell C!
  3. Now place both arms above your head to make the shape of an A and yell A!
  4. Next have your left arm curved up with your fist on your head and your right arm going diagonally across your body to create the R and yell R!
  5. Curve your right arm over your head and extend your left arm up so your left hand touches your right hand to create the “D.” Now yell D!
  6. The “S ” is created by curving your left arm curved up and right arm down. Now yell S!
  7. After you’ve completed spelling out CARDS, throw up your “L” Finger and yell CARDS!

You have now successfully completed your first of many CARDS Cheers!

Gimme an “L”!

Show your Cardinal support in this simple way: using just one of your hands (and three fingers, preferably). Stick out your thumb to the side while raising your index and middle fingers and bending the ring and pinky. The resulting “L” shape is the high sign for the Cards and shows off your UofL spirit. Be sure to do the “L” whenever the basketball teams are shooting free throws or right before the kickoff in a football game.

Name That Tune

OK, maybe you won’t make the cut on Glee. But you can still show your UofL pride by singing along with “Fight! UofL” or the classic “All Hail UofL!”. Granted, neither of these tunes rates any Top 40 radio play, but when they break out at UofL games and other university functions they still drive Cards fans wild. Both are fairly short and easy to memorize, so take a few minutes to learn them– and the next time you hear them played, don’t be shy. Sing along at the top of your lungs. You probably won’t sound any worse than the guy next to you.

“Fight! UofL” - by R.B. Griffith

Fight now for victory and show them
How we sure will win this game
Fight on you Card’nals and prove to them
That we deserve our fame.
Rah, Rah, Rah!
Roll up the score now and beat the foe
So we can give a yell
With a FIGHT! give them all you’ve got
For we are with you UofL.

After the song, a drum roll signifies that it’s time to stand and holler for your favorite team. The roll starts it, and the band and cheerleaders lead the crowd in the song’s closing cheer, spelling out Cards and then rallying together to end the fight song right. Be sure to throw up your “L” digits (index finger and thumb) at the end.






C-A-R-D-S (3x)

Go Cards, Go!

(short instrumental)

Go Cards!

“All Hail UofL” - by Alan Greener

All hail to thee our UofL
As we stand up for her fame.
All hail to thee our UofL
As we fight to win this game.
Sing praises for a victory,
We wish our heroes well.
All hail the Cardinal Spirit.
All hail our UofL!

All hail!

All hail!

All hail!

GO CARDS! (toss up the “L” sign here, too)

You can practice along (and learn the UofL Alma Mater written by Jimmy Powell and John Young, too) at: uoflsports.com/trads/lou-trads-songs.html

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