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Getting Around

07 Aug Getting Around

Owning a car isn’t a requirement to get around campus or Louisville. Here are your options.


Don’t let the idea of the “big city” outside of campus turn you off from exploring all Louisville has to offer. The easiest way to enjoy the city is to take a TARC bus. It’s environmentally friendly—and free for UofL students. Just show your student ID. TARC stops are located around campus. Check TARC’s website for routes to all your favorite destinations.


The city has invested lots of money in adding bike lanes through some of its popular neighborhoods. During peak hours, it can be faster to travel on two wheels than on your cars’ four. On campus, bike racks are plentiful. Just remember your lock.

Car Sharing

Don’t have a car, but sometimes feel the need to get out on the road? The UofL Car-Share by Enterprise offers a membership-based, car-sharing program that gives students and employees a chance to have their own ride a few hours at a time. Learn more.


If all else fails, go on two feet. That’s what you have them for. Use sidewalks and make sure to use crosswalks, especially around campus.

Park It

If you do have a car and plan to use it, know that parking can be one of the trickiest parts of college life. Everyone knows that getting a ticket (or especially getting towed) is never fun. There’s no perfect way to find the right parking spot, but different rules, lots and off-campus spots provide a ton of places even if you just can’t find that one perfect spot. In brief, be sure to remem- ber that all areas not specifically designated for parking shall be considered “No Parking” zones. You don’t want to get “the boot.” You can find out all the rules at louisville.edu/parking.

Nicknames & Navigation

Bettie Johnson Hall

Can refer to a lot of things, but mainly Cardinal Boulevard, which runs on the north perimeter of campus

The Oven
Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium

Convenience store located beside Gray’s Bookstore and the China Inn at 4th and Brandeis

Speed School
Generally refers to all the Speed School buildings south of Eastern Parkway

The Quad
UofL has its fair share of quads, but mainly denotes the one between Humanities and Ekstrom Library

New Quad
Located between Lutz Hall, Crawford Gym and Shumaker Research Building