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Home Sweet Home

07 Aug Home Sweet Home

So you’re moved in, unpacked and meshing well with your new roommate. What’s next?

Campus Housing can help you be engaged and part of campus life through a variety of educational and social events.

Staff also work individually with you to make sure you feel welcomed, supported, celebrated and a part of the campus scene.

RALs are available for just about anything you need—talking about life, answering questions about campus activities and knowing where to order late night take-out.

After all, the first year of college can be a bit overwhelming for some as they try to adjust to a new life filled with new responsibilities and expectations. So from planning large-scale social events to working individually with some residents, UofL On-Campus Housing works to ensure each student is having the best experience.

Your Go-to People

By now, you should have met your RAL (resident assistant leader). RALs are available for just about any- thing you need—talking about life, answering questions about campus activities and knowing where to order late night take-out. They help you learn to live in a community and to understand the policies. They live on your floor not too far away and will be your go-to people for help.

You’ll also be in contact with the Resident Student Association and Hall Council members, who are serving in leadership roles. Along with our other student staff members, they’re here to help new students assimilate during the semester. They can offer tips to academic success, campus involvement and community building.

This Space Reserved for Two or More

This is probably the first time you’ve lived with anyone other than your family. While your family might be used to your loud music or early morning wake-up calls, your new roommate may not be so enthused. Some things may come up between roommates that can’t be predicted. Make sure you and your roommate set some ground rules for your living space early–covering basics like cleanliness, visitors, noise and borrowing things like clothes or books. Your RAL and housing staff can help with roommate transitions. Make sure to meet them at the mandatory first floor meeting.

There’s Always Stuff to Do

Campus Housing offers you high-quality programs that target first-year students as you get used to being away from home for the first time. Some of our favorite programs have been:

  • Battle of the Hall Stars
  • Housing Tailgate
  • Tunnel of Oppression
  • PAWS for Finals
  • Welcome Home Concert
  • ECO Reps Community Service