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Student Government

07 Aug Student Government

The Voice of the Students

The governing organization for the UofL student body, Student Government Association (SGA), is vital to student life and involvement on campus. SGA representatives serve as the student-elected voice of the student body.

Some of the things students enjoy that come from SGA initiatives are the DVD collection in Ekstrom Library.

Promoting student engagement in college life, a high-quality campus and a sense of community between the university and its students, SGA has a huge role in how new programs and services happen. Some of the things students enjoy that come from SGA initiatives are the DVD collection in Ekstrom Library, the new student rec center, 24-hour Ekstrom Library access, and improving the distribution of student sports tickets. With a 44-member Student Senate representing various schools and colleges within the university, 12 councils representing those colleges, the Student Activities Board, ELSB, and the student Supreme Court (and on top of that a $1 million operating budget), SGA works to make student interests heard and your needs fulfilled.

Top Four

The Top Four of SGA are the four executive members who serve not only as the leaders of student government, but as the faces of the student body for the university. These important jobs address student concerns, as well as university affairs. The SGA president serves as a voting member on the UofL Board of Trustees. Each of these four positions has its own unique duties and niches that help make SGA a successful and active student voice.

Student Councils & the Senate

The Student Councils and the Student Senate represent the various academic units within UofL. These representatives are elected by members of each unit and oversee the local aspects and issues exclusive to their respective schools. The Student Council presidents of each school also make up SGA’s executive board, which makes emergency decisions on issues.

2015-2016 SGA Officers

Aaron Vance

Executive Vice President
Amanda Nitzken

Academic Vice President
Meredith Cooksey

Services Vice President
Lauren Greenwell

Staying Connected

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