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CardBook Staff

  • Brandy Warren, editor
  • Brian Faust, designer/creative director, web development
  • Tom Fougerousse, photographer
  • John Drees, the decider

Our sincere appreciation for these dedicated folks:

  • Lauren Smith, Photography & Design Intern
  • Josie Degler, Design Intern
  • Izzy Cable, Design Intern
  • Blythe Magnuson, Design Intern
  • Crysta McGee, Editorial Intern
  • Jeremy Priddy, Editorial Intern
  • Ross Bradley, Designer
  • Mallory Fagan, Designer Emeritus
  • Glenn Coco, Inspiration

A hat tip to these people and Louisville businesses for sharing their photos with The CardBook:

  • Andrew Stephenson (Kendrick Lamar)
  • Ryan Armbrust (Lebowski Festival)
  • Kentucky Derby Festival Alan Simons (Actors Theatre)
  • Sarah Katherine Davis (Hammerheads, Waterfront Park)
  • Louisville Bats Baseball Club
  • Stephen J. Cohen (Alabama Shakes)
  • Andy Wissman (Extreme Park)
  • Gerome Stephens (Service)
  • Walter Iooss (Muhammad Ali)
  • Marion S. Trikosko (Dr. King)
  • Purple Slog (Astro turf)

Thanks to these UofL offices & departments for their contributions:

  • Communications & Marketing
  • Student Affairs
  • Athletics
  • Alumni Relations
  • Photographic Archives
  • Office of the Dean of Students
  • UofL On-Campus Housing
  • Career Development Center

A humble thanks to those who continue to support this project, and those who believe in the idea that it represents.