UofL CardBook | Credits
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CardBook Staff

Brandy Warren

The Editor

Brian Faust

The Designer

Tom Fougerousse

The Photographer

John Drees

The Decider

Our sincere appreciation for these dedicated folks:

Lauren Smith, Photography & Design Intern
Josie Degler, Design Intern
Izzy Cable, Design Intern
Blythe Magnuson, Design Intern
Crysta McGee, Editorial Intern
Jeremy Priddy, Editorial Intern
Ross Bradley, Designer
Mallory Fagan, Designer Emeritus
Glenn Coco, Inspiration

A hat tip to these people and Louisville businesses for sharing their photos with The CardBook:

Andrew Stephenson (Kendrick Lamar)
Ryan Armbrust (Lebowski Festival)
Kentucky Derby Festival Alan Simons (Actors Theatre)
Sarah K. Davis (Hammerheads, Waterfront Park)
Louisville Bats Baseball Club
Stephen J. Cohen (Alabama Shakes)
Andy Wissman (Extreme Park)
Gerome Stephens (Service)
Walter Iooss (Muhammad Ali)
Marion S. Trikosko (Dr. King)
Purple Slog (Astro turf)

Thanks to these UofL offices & departments for their contributions:

Communications & Marketing
Student Affairs
Alumni Relations
Photographic Archives
Office of the Dean of Students
UofL On-Campus Housing
Career Development Center