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Eat Good Food

12 Aug Eat Good Food

We hope you brought your appetite. National food writers have recognized Louisville in recent years as a food destination—but that’s not a secret around here. Louisville restaurants are on the forefront of everything from fine farm-to-table dining to grilled cheese.

Get amped-up bar food

Why limit yourself to chicken strips and fries from a chain? Each of Louisville’s neighborhoods has a distinct character—and part of that character is a distinct neighborhood bar and grill. Sample around town and find one that’s your go-to place while you’re at UofL, and beyond. Here are a couple of options:

Hammerheads—This Germantown restaurant has developed a cult following for its house-made burgers featuring elk, venison and chorizo, as well as the irresistible duck-fat fries. It’s a small place, though, so plan accordingly.

The Silver Dollar—Touted as a whiskey bar, this spot still has plenty to offer to the under-21 crowd. It’s a modern twist on traditional Southern food. Go for the chicken and waffles.

Eat dessert first

It’s nearing the end of summer. It’s hot, gross and there’s only one reason to be outside right now—to go to one of Louisville’s ice cream shops to cool down. There are two ice cream camps in this town—the devotees of soft serve and the passionate about churned. If you’re in the soft serve camp, head to Dairy Kastle on Eastern Parkway and go for the Fat Elvis, a decadent chocolate, peanut butter and banana shake. If you are one of those who likes loaded ice cream, head to The Comfy Cow (locations in Cardinal Towne and Westport Village) and try the Bourbon Ball ice cream.

Maybe ice cream isn’t your thing. You still have plenty of sweet options. Check out Cellar Door Chocolates in Butchertown Market for every type of chocolate possible. Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen (with locations throughout the city) and Sweet Surrender in Clifton are great bets for a slice of cake or pie.