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Meet Me At the SAC

15 Aug Meet Me At the SAC

You’ll hear those words time and time again. So what do they mean?

At the heart of every lively campus is the student activities center—or the SAC, as we call it. It’s the campus version of a downtown business district. You’ll find yourself in the SAC for plenty of reasons throughout your UofL career, so it’s important to get used to its layout and know exactly what is there for you.

Big changes are also on the way for the SAC. A major renovation began over the summer that will include 32,000 square feet of additional space, renovated bookstore, enhanced dining options and more meeting spaces. The project is scheduled for completion in spring 2018.

The SAC has the essentials for campus living: dining facilities, the campus bookstore for textbooks and college apparel and late-night snack offerings. It’s the place where UofL meets, eats, plays and studies. It’s also a great place to watch a movie, play some billiards or foosball or just hang out with friends. Plenty of major student events happen here, including the International Fashion Show.

And if you’re looking to get involved, come to the SAC to connect with campus groups and initiatives through the Office of Student Involvement.

What’s There?

  • University Bookstore – books and more sold here
  • Office of Student Involvement – the place to go to get involved around campus
  • Floyd Theatre – cult favorites and new releases shown regularly
  • Cardinal Corner Game Room – ping-pong and pool
  • Wendy’s – a never-ending supply of Frosties and fries
  • Chick-fil-A – nuggets and sandwiches
  • Papa John’s – pizza, of course
  • Mark’s Feed Store BBQ – barbecue, fries, and more

Upcoming Events at the SAC