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Meet Me At the SAC

Big changes are coming to the SAC this year. The east side will be under renovation, adding more meeting space, lounge space and a welcome desk....

It’s a Barnburner

Trust us. By the time you graduate, some of your fondest UofL memories will have been made at the famous George J. Howe Red Barn. ...

Ekstrom Library

More than books Ekstrom Library is one of the buildings that surrounds the quad. Get acquainted. Beyond being the best place on campus to study and having tons of computers for use, the library has lots going for it. Get a cup of coffee and snack at...

Music, Art & Theatre

All jazzed up  The School of Music is one of the busiest places on campus most weeks. Sometimes that means several concerts from its students, faculty and guests in one day. Good news for you: Most of the concerts are free. If you’re into jazz, orchestral,...

Cardinal Towne

Cardinal Towne opened in 2011 as both student housing and a retail/restaurant center, establishing a prime retail and dining experience in the heart of student housing. ...

Beyond Belknap

Belknap Campus may be the center of your world, but if you drive a few miles north or east, you’ll see the UofL name pop up again. Belknap is one of three UofL campuses. So if you find yourself at the Health Sciences Center or...

Retail Therapy

Unique tees? Kitschy gifts? Louisville offers all the comfort shops from your own town and a lot of original shops and boutiques to cover every need. Here are a few of our favorite neighborhoods to explore....

Eat Good Food

We hope you brought your appetite. National food writers have recognized Louisville in recent years as a food destination—but that’s not a secret around here. Louisville restaurants are on the forefront of everything from fine farm-to-table dining to grilled cheese. Get amped-up bar food Why limit yourself...

Eat More Good Food

The best chefs don't necessarily stay in New York City. Louisville has quite the stable of all-star food wizards you should check out....

For Music Lovers

Louisville is no Nashville. It’s better because of our local music scene’s diversity. We do all types of music here, from the well-respected Louisville Orchestra to the new jazz introduced each year during UofL’s Jazz Week to our famous local rock ‘n’ roll scene. We...