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The Origin of the Species

Our Cardinal Bird, Louie, is not only one of the most recognizable mascots in collegiate sports, but also one of the most feared....

Give Me an “L”

There are two very crucial elements to being a good Cardinal: hand signs and cheers. Here's a primer on how to nail the basics of both....

Name Those Tunes

OK, maybe you won’t make the cut on “The Voice” like UofL alum Olivia Henken. But you can still show your UofL pride by singing along with “Fight! UofL” or the classic and more frequently used “All Hail UofL!” Granted, neither of these tunes rate...

Historic Points

UofL has a long, long history. In fact it goes all the way back to 1798 when it was chartered by eight Louisville citizens. Obviously a lot of cool things have happened over the last 216 years—lots of academic and research achievements. But we wanted...

The Thinker

Here are five things you should know about the big guy outside of Grawemeyer Hall. Learn even more at louisville.edu/about/thinker. 1. He’s a masterpiece among us—the real deal. The Thinker statue that sits in front of Grawemeyer Hall is the first large-scale bronze cast of The Thinker. French...

Can’t Miss Cardinal Events

Every year there’s a roster of can’t-miss events that define the UofL collegiate experience. These are the things you and your new friends will go to, have fun at and talk about for years (maybe even decades)....

Return to the Nest

The UofL Alumni Association and a bunch of student groups get together to throw an epic party each fall. It’s Homecoming, and it’s the one time of year when students, faculty, staff and alumni from around the globe gather on campus to celebrate. It’s really...

Building a Legacy

UofL Athletics has a long history of success. We’ve won national basketball titles. We’ve won major bowl games. We’ve been to the College World Series—three times. And as true fanatics do, we expect success. And that’s exactly what we get....

Battle of the Bluegrass

It’s more than the smack talk. It is a way of life. There’s even a movie called “Red V Blue” dedicated to the rivalry between our Cards and the University of Kentucky Wildcats. ...

Top 5 Dream Games

Since 1983, when the Louisville Cardinals beat the Kentucky Wildcats to advance to the NCAA Final Four, the annual rivalry between the two schools is the hottest in college basketball. Here’s a top five of Cardinals highlights from the Dream Game:...