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Give Me an “L”

12 Aug Give Me an “L”

Here’s our signature move: Throwing up an “L.”

It’s our best non-verbal way to show school spirit. You’ll do this when you pose for photos, whenever a UofL basketball player is about to shoot free throws, right before the kickoff in a football game. Really, any time the moment grabs you.

So here it goes. Make some mental notes, in case you didn’t grasp this at orientation.

Using just your right hand, stick out your thumb to the side while raising your index and middle fingers. Now bend your ring and pinky fingers. That’s it.

If you’re doing this while one of our basketball players makes a free throw, you’ll fold your middle and index fingers down and say “whoomp there it is.”

Whatever you do, make sure you’re not throwing your “L” up backwards. Right hand only. Otherwise you’re going to look ridiculous in photos. Just sayin’.

The Cards Cheer

You’ve heard it at games. You’ve heard it at orientation. Now it’s time to live it. The CARDS cheer is a trademark at all athletics games and campus events, the cheer also is the universal (and loudest) way to show your UofL pride. There’s nothing quite like it when all of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium yells out these five letters in unison. Here’s a primer.